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We are a market leader in designing cost-effective, self-funded benefit plans.
We offer the highest quality claims management and administrative services to self-funded benefit plans
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Custom benefit plans from Cardea Benefits

Custom benefit plans

Benefit plans with automated claims processing

Fast and efficient automated claims processing

Access to local and international provider networks

Access to local and international provider networks

Cardea benefits for Worldwide emergency assistance

Worldwide emergency assistance 24/7, 365 days a year

Cardea Benefits offers Stop-loss coverage arrangements

Stop-loss coverage arrangements

Quality customer support for Cardea Benefits' clients

Quality customer service for our clients

Cardea Benefits healthcare system navigation

Healthcare system navigation

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Mr. Edison Raphael is the holder of the Fellow Life Management Institute (F.L.M.I.) accreditation and has over thirty-seven (37) years experience in design and implementation of technically advanced Employee Benefit programs. He is currently the Managing Director of Cardea Benefits Limited and is also a member of the Board of Directors of Agostini Insurance Brokers Limited.

Edison Raphael

Managing Director

Mrs. Paulesca Romany-Fournillier joined Cardea Benefits Limited from its inception in October 2009 to manage our Claims Department. Prior to this, she provided claims support to the Employee Benefits Department at Agostini Insurance Brokers and was a Senior Claims Examiner at a prominent insurance company. She has accumulated over twenty (20) years experience in the health insurance industry.
Paulesca oversees the effective management of all matters related to claims including payment authorization, approval for overseas treatment, investigation of large or unusual claims & possible fraudulent claims.
Paulsca holds the designations ACS (Associate, Customer Service) and ALMI from the Life Management Institute, as well as an Associate with the Health Institute Association of America.

Paulesca Romany-Fournillier

Executive Director

Anil Joseph

Team Leader-Claims

Natasha Abdool

Claims Administrator

Ashley Romany

Claims Examiner

Sean Perryman

Claims Administrator

Evana Joseph

Claims Examiner

Arianna Paz

Claims Administrator

Kerel Warrick

Manager – Client Services

Melissa Ming

Plan Administrator

Shaundell Best

Plan Administrator

Christine Moo

Plan Administrator